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Prime Estimating offers great expertise with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Our company comprises of dedicated and efficient team that works hard to turn data into actionable result for Clients.

We specialize in preparing all types of estimate required by the clients including:

  • Bid Estimates
  • Construction Cost Estimates
  • Architectural Rendering
  • All Payments are done through Paypal for secure client experience. Our Offices are currently based in USA, CANADA and UAE and will be expanding to other countries soon.‚Äč


Our portfolio consists of residential, commercial, and civil construction estimates projects and clientele ranges from entry level homes to multi-million dollar commercial projects. Providing accurate Estimation Services for Architects, Engineers, Developers, General Contractors, Sub Contractors and Owners.

Bid Estimates

We provide Bid Estimates that help you manage prices at every stage of the project.Contractors use estimates to calculate their expected costs to complete a project. They look at the specifications for a project and determine the raw materials and labor they need. The contractor then goes to their suppliers to get quotes for the raw materials, which they use to calculate the estimates.

Construction Cost Estimates

Also known as a "ballpark estimate," we help you to assess the basic feasibility or interest of a project. Some projects may turn out to be the wrong size or involve a risk that you prefer not to accept. If so, the preliminary estimate tells you that you can turn your attention to other more attractive projects.

Architectural Rendering

We provide realistic architectural rendering services that provide you with a real look that you just will construct into reality.

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Great Service On A Nominal Fee And Within Target Time.
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95% Accurate Quantity Take Off And Cost Estimation.


More Than10 Years Of Experience In The Industry.
Qualified and Experienced Staff.









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